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Whoever is responsible for this awesome music selection-THANK YOU 😘 I listen to your station for 3 or 4 years now. The day starts with good music & I am in a good mood. The 80s forever. Please never stop doing what you do. And I say Hello to all the 80s lovers around the world. Music unites us. Have a fab day everyone Greetings from Berlin/Germany

DoriTuesday, 18 April 2017 14:38

Gracias totales por la buena programacion ...... los años maravillosos 80s... Gracias nuevamente....

Mauricio RojasMonday, 13 March 2017 09:23

Hello from Zweibrücken Germany

Emil ConzelmannWednesday, 1 March 2017 22:05

The Best online station!!! Thanks a lot for a nice music from Odessa 😉

Yuri an VeronikaFriday, 10 February 2017 19:53

Have been listening to your station since 2009. Back then you guys played a Michael Jackson mega mix of his 80s songs. I have not heard this in a long time. Any chance you will play it again? Keep up the great work!!

BrianFriday, 10 February 2017 01:23

Have been listening to your station for about 4 years. THE BEST 80s station EVER!!! It's great to hear some long forgotten Australian hits too. Mi-Sex Blue Day for example, and who can forget Kids in the Kitchen. Would love to hear Frida from ABBA's solo hit from 1982 I Know There's Something Going On, a bonafide Top 5 hit in Australia, with Phil Collins on drums. Don't forget ABBA had hits in the very early 80s; On and On and On, Winner Takes It All.

Anton McKenzieSaturday, 21 January 2017 21:05

Love this station, so many good songs I grew up with. Palmerston North, New Zealand

Warwick TrailFriday, 20 January 2017 08:44

Thank you so much for the George Michael tribute. So sad to hear about his death. RIP George

FionaMonday, 26 December 2016 10:51

The first thing I do in the morning is turn on the best station on the planet!!! Kisses from Croatia!!!! 80s forever!!!!!

MariaThursday, 1 December 2016 00:42

Addicted to your radio!!! Loud in the office! With you from the other side of the world... Portugal is connected! Thanks Bruno

Bruno FreitasWednesday, 23 November 2016 03:28

So glad I google searched 80s internet radio stations. Clicked on your page and now I'm hooked. I ❤️ the 80s. Takes me back to my youth when life was simple and the music rocked.

FionaTuesday, 22 November 2016 11:51

Enjoy listening everyday while at work here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Stacy HermanSunday, 20 November 2016 09:49

I will always listen to the radio

HubertMonday, 14 November 2016 20:24

Awesome music! Awesome decade! Awesome station! Great stuff the80s.com.au!!!

DamoSaturday, 17 September 2016 10:50

Great station, great music. Listen to you every day. Thanks - all the best. Mossel Bay - South Africa

Francois BarnardTuesday, 6 September 2016 05:07

WOW !!! Found your station a while back while searchING for 80S music. Needless to say have been a fan since. Even our office plays you 24h a day here in Perth WA !! Thanks for the tunes and the memories YOU GUYS ROCK !!!

RaffaelWednesday, 31 August 2016 19:46

You have the most amazing 80's station on the planet!!!!! I tell everyone I know to listen. Have you loud and proud in Atlanta, GA in the USA. Would love to hear Joe Jackson's song "Right And Wrong" from 1986 if you could. Thank you.

BrianSunday, 31 July 2016 07:49

You are The RADIO!!!

EugeneFriday, 1 July 2016 18:22

Thank you for the best Music of the World!!! :-):-):-)

Thomas Aus from Dresden, GermanySaturday, 11 June 2016 06:51

Great mix guys - good to see you are still doing radio

Warren HullSunday, 8 May 2016 00:28

Thanks for creating such a wonderful radio station. I can't get enough of it. Also loving the Prince tribute you are playing today (22/04/16). Another artist gone before his time and a fitting tribute.

SteveFriday, 22 April 2016 12:31

Thanks for playing Prince music today RIP Prince.

Natasha ByrnesFriday, 22 April 2016 12:17

Hello, I have no words, what a superb period of music and this station is one of the best. Greetings from Slovenia

AlesSunday, 17 April 2016 19:17

Man they were a great decade - takes me back to uni days. Living in Seattle but love the music from the Gold Coast.

Jon BradyTuesday, 12 April 2016 09:46

Listening in the UK, what a great find, much better than our British 80s stations. Due to timezone I'm 10 hours 'in the past' listening to 80s tunes from 30 years ago

JimFriday, 12 March 2016 00:42

Thank you for such a good radio station! I am not old, I am vintage! An 80's kid.

Javier AureggiWednesday, 9 March 2016 06:09

Hi. Just the best music on planet. Better than every station in good old Germany. Love the range of all 80 music.

Lars & SabineSaturday, 13 February 2016 05:58


BillyTuesday, 2 February 2016 09:24

Hi. We enjoy the best 80 music at planet. Thanks !!!! Feel like 16**

Lars & SabineSaturday, 16 January 2016 06:00

Outstanding !!! Amazing !!! Brings me back a lot of memories.... Good times again for me. Thank you so much. Cheers from MX City

JAngelMonday, 28 December 2015 16:27

I love this station - so glad I found it - hearing so many songs I've never heard before and I'm a child of the 80's. Thank you guys for having created this station 😉 Merry Christmas from Iceland !!!

Sunneva JohSaturday, 19 December 2015 16:03

LOVE the 80's mix!! How about playing "Love Games" by Level 42. Keep up the great work!!

BrianTuesday, 17 November 2015 04:46


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